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Terms And Conditions

Reservations and Requests
Kindly send your reservation requests to (info@travellerexperience.com)
Requests will be acknowledged by return e-mail or facsimile within 48 hours.
Accommodation and Rates
Rates will be quoted on a per person basis in accordance with the tour program. You may choose the category of hotels you would like to use Included in the program when requesting reservations. Specific hotels can also be requested. In cases when the desired hotel is unavailable, alternative accommodation of similar category will be offered. Rates will be quoted in U.S. Dollars / Euros in accordance with the travel period and request. Prices are subject to change without prior notice as a result of currency fluctuations, additional taxes, laws or beyond control circumstances.
Deposits and Payment
Deposit and payments conditions /requirements for your booking will be advised by Traveller Experience Tours at the time of confirmation. All deposits are considered advance payments toward the tour price. Traveller Experience Tours request full payment of the FIT bookings prior to arrival and for group reservations, the payment requirements will be established with the confirmation of the reservation. Payments may be made by bank transfer.
Cancellation Charges
For FIT arrangements cancellations received in advance of 72 hours prior to arrival there will be no penalty, unless otherwise indicated at the time of confirmation. Cancellation charges for group bookings vary according to the size of the group and season of travel. Special terms and conditions will be determined and included in the group contract prior to final confirmation.
Transfers and Portage
Transfer & Portage are included as specified in the confirmation of tour program.
Meals and Beverages
Meals and beverages are included as specified in the confirmation of tour program.
Guide, excursions and Itineraries
Guide, Excursions / Itineraries are performed as specified in the confirmation of tour program. Traveller Experience Tours is committed to cover all offered and confirmed program however Traveller Experience Tours reserves the right to change travel programs sequences, routes and timetables, with or without notice based on day, time of arrival, sites closing hours..etc.
Traveller Experience Tours acts solely as agent in all matters relating to hotel accommodation, transportation, services and facilities provided by other parties and is responsible only for the completion of the services confirmed. While exercising every possible precaution, Traveller Experience Tours will not be held responsible for injury, sickness, damage, loss, additional expenses, accidental delay or other irregularities which may be caused either through willful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of groups, companies or individuals providing or engaged in accommodation, transportation or other services related to the accomplishment of the tour, or through natural disasters and social upheavals and any forc- major .
Traveller Experience Tours cannot be held responsible or liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, not for personal injury, accident or illness. Therefore, we strongly recommend that travellers purchase full travel insurance