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Experience travel tours to the Holy Land & neighboring countries (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey & Palestine)

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Do you have the wish to explore the vividness of the Holy Land? So you can depend on the Traveller Experience tour from Jerusalem. Their extreme facilities will woo your mind while exploring the country. Various travel companies will conduct the whole tour according to your choice. However, to experience the best you have to depend on Traveller Experience Tours and its team and services.

Explore the best highlights of Israel

Now you can get the best chance to explore Israel. This historic land has both the vividness of rich culture along with historic places to roam around. To get the best memorable experience you have to be served by the specialist travel professionals of the country.

Traveller Experience Tours will provide you with packages to the Holy Land for all types of travellers with different orientation and tourism diversity. Whether to explore and experience the rich historical background of the Land, or to experience and strengthen your spiritual faith, or to experience the footsteps of Christ and all prophets, or/and to experience the local culture & gastronomy.

The vividness of the Holy Land lies in the variation from exploring the Christ footsteps where it all started at the at the annunciation in city of Nazareth, to city of Christ birth Bethlehem, to Christ Childhood and ministry in Tiberias to the Baptism site on Jordan river to the Christ’s last supper and Crucifixion and to the Resurrection in the Holy city of Jerusalem. While exploring the country you will get the stir to your soul and you will feel alive like never before while exploring a new historical place and sites such as “a nice float the salty full of mineral Dead Sea in the south, historical cities of Qumran, Masada, Caesarea, Haifa, Hebron, Acre, and much more… Weather is another attraction of the Holy Land, where you can enjoy the northern mountains cool-chilling Golan Heights breathe weather to the snowing Mount of Hermon (in Season) to a nice float in the Dead sea dry-desert breath or a swim in the Eilat Red Sea in the south and/or the most moderate climate-weather will be find in the Center “Jerusalem”..

Discover the Holy Land & neighboring countries (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey & Palestine)

Discover unique Land along with its diversity and different cultures. You can get the best deal in exploring the whole country-travel along with the river rafting in Jordon River, bird watching package, hiking tours and also get the facility of experiencing the camping under the vast sky. The lashes of greenery will please your eyes. Experience the biblical sites in the neighboring countries.

The various tour package options

You can also get different tour packages for exploring the country like starting from seven to ten days’ Christian tour, exploring the Faith-heritage tour. And / or a blend in the classic package tour and the country’s culture and gastronomy. While exploring the ancient places of country you can experience the places like Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, the western wall of Jerusalem, Churches, mosques, Mount Zion, several museums etc. your accommodation could vary from Five-star hotel stay to religious guesthouse. We offer value for your invested money.